Historically, privacy was almost implicit, because it was hard to find and gather information. But in the digital world, whether it’s digital cameras or satellites or just what you click on, we need to have more explicit rules – not just for governments but for private companies.

                                                                                       ~ Bill Gates

Seychelles is a nation that aims to please. With its very able, well-educated and mostly bilingual population, very good telecommunications, great air and sea links with the rest of the world, perfect time zone and above all its familiar and friendly legislation that is being continuously improved, Seychelles is well placed to be a great base for your international business ventures and wealth planning. Seychelles has some unique offerings but everything will be familiar to you.

Familiar and friendly legislation

Seychelles legislation is written in clear and simple English so that even non-native English speakers can easily follow. The legislation will be familiar to nearly anyone because it was all inspired by the very best and most popular laws that you have already worked with – in Seychelles we do not re-invent the wheel and instead adapt what works to suit our global clients’ needs and to have a good fit with the local legal system.

Fast and straightforward registration

Time is always short and time is money. Who wants to waste time when registering a company, Foundation or trust? No one and this is why Seychelles has always ensured that registration is very fast and is usually very straightforward. Registration can be completed within hours and is typically done within 24 hours if client registration has been completed.

Easy administration

Life and business are complicated enough and we know that you do not want more complications. Similarly to the small entities allowances that you have seen elsewhere, for most entities there is no need to prepare and file financial statements, and there is no need to prepare and file financial annual returns. Maintaining an entity on the register is as simple as keeping the Seychelles agent records up to date and paying the registry fees.

Fantastic location

As Lord Harold Samuel might have once said, “Location, location, location”. Hundreds of years ago, well before there were any people living on the islands, pioneering travellers and traders would stop in the Seychelles islands to rest and to replenish their sailing ships, before continuing on to the next step of their journeys. Today Seychelles remains a fantastic location for your international base because of its position on the globe, the time zone it is, and because of the political and economic links it maintains with other countries in the region and the rest of the world. The place itself is great – always tempting you to mix business with pleasure when you visit. Just have a look at the pictures!

Great telecommunications and infrastructure

It’s not only good to talk… we know you will expect support and service whenever you need it. Seychelles is linked to the rest of the world by internet fibre and satellite links. It has not only always had one of the best telecom infrastructures in the region but it has all the great basic facilities we need to ensure that our office is always operational when you expect it to.

Continuity is guaranteed

Our government and our politicians recognize the important contributions that our financial and fiduciary industries make to the country – our future generations will depend on providing services to the rest of the world. For as long as there is political will, and for as long as we there is political support we can be certain that the industry will be able to continue – by continuously adapting as global conditions change.

Privacy is valued and is very important for the locals

In a country with a small society like Seychelles privacy is a must for all its residents and privacy will always be valued. Some say you should only be concerned about privacy if you have something to hide but privacy and secrecy are not the same thing. Most of us value our privacy.  We get dressed in private,  don’t like people listening in on our phone calls,  and choose whether to share our letters, diary entries, or medical records with others. One person might be perfectly comfortable sharing her salary with a friend. But another person may believe it’s no one else’s business. Privacy is about the individual freedom to choose what things we are willing to share and who we share them with.

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