Why A.C.T.? Because you want an international company or Foundation or trust.
            And because you want a fast, reliable and friendly service.
Why A.C.T.? Because you want an international company or Foundation or trust.
            And because you want a fast, reliable and friendly service.

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.

~ Henry Ford

With an industrious and experienced team making great use of modern business tools, A.C.T. is able is able to assist virtually anyone. Whether you are a large professional corporate and trust service provider or just an individual arranging your own affairs we will always be happy to help you and serve you well. And it’s not only what we do that sets us apart – it’s how we do it .

A fast and reliable service

We are well known for providing a fast and reliable service. Our staff members routinely receive praise for their speed, even from long-standing clients who expect nothing less from us. When your favourite A.C.T. contact goes on leave someone else will automatically carry on with any pending matters or take up your new orders because we all work closely as a team.

A friendly and experienced team

Your orders and inquiries will be processed by a young and energetic team who have been with the company for many years now. This team receives top quality guidance from some of the most experienced and respected lawyers and accountants in Seychelles. We are always happy to help and we do not charge anything for attending to inquiries.

The best inventory of Seychelles ready-made IBCs

Our inventory of ready-made International Business Companies is special and should not be missed. A great venture starts with a great idea and a great name but why spend time thinking of a great name for your venture when we have already done it for you? Get in touch to be spoilt for choice.

We do much much more for you

Even if you take a basic package we do not provide a basic service. We go much further than others and with us you do not have to do it all yourself. We have helped tens of thousands of clients get started and carry on business for many years. We take care of annual renewals and do the maximum for you to ensure that your entities remain compliant and in good standing year after year. You simply get to do what you are good at.

We will not compete with you

Actually we work for you. That’s how we see it. We will not enter your markets and your industry. Our focus is on helping you register Seychelles entities and maintain your Seychelles entities. That’s what we are good at and what we love to do, and what we intend to keep doing.

Everything is priced with you in mind

Whether your venture is a sure thing or simply a worthwhile bet you can afford our services. A high quality premium service does not have to cost the earth – and it doesn’t with us. Many professional corporate and trustee service providers work with us because our pricing allows them to provide value added services at extra cost and many individuals do so as well even if they have a tight budget at launch.

Interested? Get in touch now.

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