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You have worked out that you need a Seychelles Trust, but where to start ?

Our Remarkable Trust Offer

Grand Total Value With Courier To Setup, Including 1st Year Resident Trustee Fee – USD 6,975 (but this is not what you pay!!)

Annual Fee Additions And Reductions

Base Annual Fee Is USD 2000 – Contact Us For More Details And Explanations

Annual Resident Trustee Fee Reductions

Reductions Are Applicable If An Investee Company Is Still Dormant Or Currently Totally Inactive

Reductions Are Applicable If An Investee Company Is A Seychelles IBC 

       E.g. A Trust Owns Only 1 Dormant Seychelles IBC: USD 2000 – USD 300 – USD 300 = USD 1400 Only!

Annual Resident Trustee Fee Additions

Additional Fees May Be Charged For Each Additional Bank Account

Additional Fees May Be Charged For Each Additional Active Investee Company

E.g. A Trust Owns 2 Active Non-Seychelles Companies: USD 2000 + USD 1200 =USD 3,200

Additions For Very Active Trust Or Higher Risk Factors

We may charge an amount in addition to the base USD 2000 annual trustee fee for trusts are that are very active or which have some higher risk factors e.g. have many inter-investee company loans and/or loans to and from the trust, and many trust transactions each month. Or Investments are connected to high risk countries.

Click on Get A Quote And Provide As Much Information As Possible For Us To Calculate The Additional Amount

From Year 2 Onwards We Will Only Charge The Annual Fee

Special Arrangements And Offers Are Available To Professionals With A Good Track Record Or Who Are Regulated – See Our Affiliate Program Offers (For Trust Companies, Attorneys, Accountants, Estate Planners, Banks, Introducers, Marketers, Resellers, Registered Agents)

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