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You have worked out that you need a Seychelles Foundation, but where to start ?

Our Remarkable Foundation Offer

Grand Total Value With Courier – USD 4800 (but this is not what you pay!!)

Discount and Surcharges
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Simple Client And/Or Lower Risk Client Offer

Clients With Simple Structure And Activity And/Or Lower Risk Characteristics (Simple Business Activity Or Purpose, Few Transactions Or Assets, Clear Source Of Funds And Wealth, No Links To Very High Risk Territories And Sanctioned Countries, All Connected Persons Have No Adverse Media, No Persons Under Sanctions Or Connected To Sanctioned Countries And No Politically Exposed Persons, All Requested Order Forms Provided, Clarifications And Verification Documents Provided Without Delay) USD 1095 Less USD 145.

Discount = Lower Risk Client Offer USD 950

More Complex Client And/Or Higher Risk Client Price

Additional Charges For Clients With More Complicated Structure Or Activities And/Or Higher Risk Characteristics Subjected To Enhanced Due Diligence (With Nominees Or Special Control Arrangements, With Many Connected Parties, Complex Business Activity Or Higher Risk Activities, Connections To High Risk Territories, Some Non-Standard Or Unfamiliar Verification Documents, Some Adverse Media But No Wrongdoing) USD 1095 Plus USD 400.

Surcharge = Higher Risk Client Price USD 1495

Very Complex Client And/Or High Risk Client Price

Surcharge For Very Complex Clients And/Or With High Risk Characteristics Subjected To Extended Due Diligence (With Complex Trusts Or Other Complex Ownership Arrangements, With Unusual, Technically Complex And/Or Novel Activity Or Purpose, Crypto-Based Or Part Of A Virtual Assets Service Provider Business Or Group [But Not Crypto Exchanges], Complicated Or Special Management And Control Arrangements) USD 1095 Plus USD 3100+

Surcharge = Crypto Client Price USD 4195+

Special Arrangements And Offers Are Available To Professionals With A Good Track Record Or Who Are Regulated – See Our Affiliate Program Offers (Trust Companies, Attorneys, Accountants, Estate Planners, Banks, Introducers, Marketers, Resellers, Agents)

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